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Injectors have various functions. It’s not how much fuel you give the engine, it’s how well you make it burn. Motorworx in Marlow will test to ensure that the fuel being delivered will burn efficiently, thus maintaining maximum performance. We offer specialist fuel injection services using the market leader in petrol injector systems, ASNU to keep your car performing to its full potential.

Fuel injector testing and cleaning

Our highly trained mechanics have exceptional knowledge and offer a comprehensive range of fuel injection services including:


•    Fuel injection testing

•    Repairs

•    Supply fuel pumps

•    Servicing your existing system

Fuel injection services

ASNU was developed in the early 80s by Alan Skovron, who at the time owned a fuel injection workshop in Sydney, Australia. It was found that due to the fuel being lead based and of poor quality,  petrol injector valves began to clog, restricting the fuel flow and causing poor fuel atomisation. The poor injector efficiency affected the way engines performed.

This led to an increased number of companies producing chemical cleaning systems. Alan had also tried various chemical cleaning systems with no success in returning the injectors 100% to their original condition.

In recent years, due to the advantages that ASNU can offer, demand has grown for fuel injection in particular within Motor sport with Yamaha and Mercury opting to use ASNU.

Alan continued to experiment with cleaning injectors using ultrasonic's. To test his results, he built a flow bench so that he could see the spray patterns and measure the flow rates. Further experiments followed until Alan was able to get the injectors performing as if they were as good "AS NEW" (ASNU).

As word spread that Alan had solved problems on fuel injected engines that other workshops and equipment couldn’t solve, demand grew for the ASNU system.

In partnership with his business savvy brother Mike, the Skovron brothers secured patents and launched the ASNU machine. They travelled the world introducing the product making it what it is today – a market leader in injector diagnostics, which is now used and available to you at Motorworx in Marlow.

A brief history about ASNU

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